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We've Moved Locations

We’ve moved locations. You can now find (and our bus) at 43 Algoma Place, Sagle, ID. We’re a work in progress, but we’re dedicated to staying open and serving our community while we transition.

We're a family owned and operated business providing quality stove and chimney products & services to our North Idaho community.

43 Algoma Place, Sagle, Idaho

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Continued Maintenence and Repair Services

Custom Stove Installations

Our experienced team offers custom stove installations, treating each job with care. We’ll work within the specifics of your home or space, ensuring a smooth installation, every time.

Repairs and Maintenance

We’re happy to assist with the routine maintenance of your chimney or stoves, and can step in when a repair is necessary. From dryer vent replacement to masonry repair and sealing, we’re here to help.

Expert Chimney Cleaning

Expert chimney cleaning is what we do best, with our skilled team leading vacuum-assisted and full brush cleans. Keep your home and your family safe with the proper maintenance of your chimney.

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Sagle Stove Shop is Family Owned and Operated.

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We had a great experience with All About Chimney's. They kept our place clean and installed a high quality Kuma stove for less than the original estimate! It's our only source of heating here in Athol and continue to enjoy the wood heat!

Travis G
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